How We Can Help Protect Private Property Rights in New York

The Foundation will provide a written forum on this website which is educational and informative. In addition, the Foundation will help individuals in the following ways:

  • By advocating for balanced solutions in federal, state and local land use initiatives.
  • By acting as a resource for government and the general public seeking solutions to often complex situations where private property rights and private economic rights collide with environmental concerns.
  • By raising awareness of the connection between statewide economic growth and regional land use issues.
  • By illustrating how governmental regulation impacts economic freedom and society as a whole.
  • By informing the public of judicial decisions involving land use issues and fostering discussion of same.
  • By raising funds to support legal proceedings where a matter of compelling public interest is presented with respect to land use issues.


The Foundation will decline to represent any party with a sufficient financial stake in the controversy to justify private counsel and the financial resources to retain counsel.  In such cases however, where the issue in litigation affects a broad public interest, has the potential to be precedent setting, or will have an impact on the broad public interest, the organization may serve as a friend of the court and file amicus briefs.

Case review and selection shall be performed by a committee of legal experts, and non-lawyers as well, to insure that cases are selected (a) where there exists broad and significant public interest and (b) where private law firms typically would not provide representation.